Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Utah loves Woot!

Ever since I learned about Woot! from my brother, I have been loving this site. Judging from the map below, Utah loves Woot! too.

The map illustrates the number of sales to a state. Wyoming, right next to Utah, has no love for Woot! for some reason. Utah is the brightest state and therefore <3's Woot! I've only made two purchase so far, but it's exciting to see what random item they will offer each day. Every coupple of months they have a Wootoff where they sell items one right after another. At some point durring a Wootoff, they will offer a "Bag of Crap", it's a grab bag of leftovevers basically. I got one once and I can tell you that it was, infact, crappy stuff, but exciting none the less.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I've become obsessed

Since actually trying this game for the first time I have been wanting to play it more and more. It's fun and challenging, you built your train routes across the country or continent, there are several variants. You have go to try it. If you are a friendless looser you can play online, if you have a significant other or friends you can play the board game. It's great either way.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Doldrums of March

It's March, I've been sick, our house hasn't sold, so on and so forth. The snow is gone, for the most part, and nothing has really come to life yet. It just isn't all that exciting, but I'll get through it somehow. I hope everyone else is having a better March than I am.