Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Come on, everybody's doin' it

Since I've seen a few people advertising their blog reading level I thought I'd see where mine fell and where some of the others I read lined up. I'll just say that my blog is in line with my education. I wasn't really surprised by others results, but mine might have been just a little high, but I'm not one to complain about that. It's kind of getting that A when you were counting on a B+.

The most interesting thing I did was follow the links from blog to blog, you know, the link that says next blog, so I'm hitting totally random blogs and checking their readability. This is what I found. Foreign language, automatic genius, every time, I quit checking after about the fifth one. If you blog about solely about sports you're blogging at an elementary reading level, go figure, kids understand sports. The best result I saw was for a fifth grade classes homework assignments, it came in at the genius level. Those must be some crazy smart fifth graders.

Friday, November 16, 2007


As my non-blogging sister has told the story, I loved a certain Richard Scarry book as a child and would get upset if she tried to skip a page or even condense the story a bit. I could read the same story to myself even before I could read. The story was Babykins and His Family. I almost got a copy from eBay, but was barely out bid.

I have been looking for those great out of print classic Richard Scarry titles and have managed to find a few. I check the thrift stores every so often and love it when I make a great find. Here are some of them.

The Best Mother Goose Ever is great because it isn't the sanitised version of all the old nursery rhymes that kids get today, I can really let my children know what will happen to them if they are naughty. Fun With Words is really The Best Word Book, but with a dictionary added to the back of it. There is a funny flickr site that compares the original and the updated versions of the Best Word book ever.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I guess my son is a little like me

I've been told I need to blog more often and am taking it to heart. In light of my last post I have decided to write a but about my own experience with stitches. Aside from medical procedures I've had stitches three times. I really don't have any recollection of the first two incidences, but they did leave some great scars that I carry to this day.

Annzy won't appreciate this, but she contributed to my first experience with stitches when she was done paying and I was not. The next happened not long after the first while I was playing at the neighbors house. In both of these situations my parents were unavailable and the Dildine family took me to the hospital. I guess I might have them to thank for my life today.

The third happened when I was in high school and my parents were yet again unavailable. I cut my head open on a nail sticking through a board in the orchestra pit of the schools auditorium. The nail was hording nothing together, it was just stuck through a board. The nail looke something like this.
I had to go to the school nurse and she tried to call my mom, but she couldn't be reached, same story with my dad, so my oldest sister was the next option. She was a teacher at another high school and was not accustom to getting calls during class, but in this case, an emergency, her classroom phone rang during the last period of the day.

She came and got me taking me to the doc-in-a-box where they told me I had a gash in my head about one and a quarter inches long. To numb the area the used cocaine as a local anesthetic, it was my firs and to date only experience with the drug. When my boy had to get the staples in his head I asked if they would use cocaine and the nurse just gave me a strange look and said they use a topical cream.

I think I ended up with six stitches and some really short hair right where the cut was. I think I was more concerned with having my hair cut than getting the stitches, but I'm a little strange about may hair that way.