Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christmas Fun... What?

So my sister didn't want more junk to shove into her 300 square foot apartment so she was given activities this year. A while back she and I took Miles to the symphony and then we made rings from silver coins. Hers was made from a quarter, I made mine from a half dollar.

Here we are pounding the coins to flatten the edges, this was a rather tedious step and later I found out our neighbor thought her washing machine was broken because of the noise.

Here I am using the drum sander on my dremel to open up the middle of the ring.

It is pretty cool that the writing is still legible, here's the quarter.

I finished mine later, you can see that it still says half dollar.


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jason said...

those are pretty cool. I'd never considered that you could shape a coin like that to make a ring.