Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wyoming, the Cowboy State

Not too long ago we bought an atlas of the United States for our boys. As we were going over the western states portion of the atlas we realized our boys had not been to Wyoming. What you say? How could that be? It is so close! So we packed up the car for an adventure.

We didn't get a picture of the Welcome to Wyoming sign, but Evanston is only 4 miles away.

You can see the excitement in their eyes.

Here are the boys with a mounted bear in the grocery/hunting supplies store. They think of the greatest combinations in Wyoming, there was also a liquor store, but you had to go outside to access it. There were probably in excess of 100 trophies on the walls of this hunting store.

This is the river walk, we didn't see the river, but we saw some tracks, lets see where the lead us.

A metal bear with a fish!

We didn't see the river because it was cold and windy. As you can see I had no jacket and the younger boy wanted to be carried (no surprise there), so not trek to the river.

The worst part of this whole experience is that I didn't even get any fireworks. What was I thinking, I saw at least four different places I could have bought them, maybe next time.

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boisegrammy said...

Yea Wyoming! We went to Wyoming to have a baby.